Thursday, November 15, 2012


Jay and Jr. built this rollercoaster yesterday.  It's pretty amazing--see video below.

When I was younger, I never imagined I'd be a mother of 6 kiddos. 

It sounds like so many kids, no? A half-dozen?!

I mean really, even today when someone asks me how many children we have, I'm almost shocked to hear my own reply:

"We have six children."


That's a lot of small people under our watch. 

So much responsibility. 

And so much ...

well, so much of everything!

I'm grateful I get to spend my time on the planet with each of our beautiful kids. 

I love you Jay, Bam, Papaya, Jr., Zu and Lu.

(And I'm grateful to each of their birthparents for bringing us together. I love you, too. XOXO.)    

Jr., Z, Papaya, Bam and Lu--in line for the ferris wheel at Sheel's.

Bam and our dog Harriet.



Papaya and Lu--when it snowed last Friday.

Our neighborhood park ... after the snowfall.

Bam bought these shoes ... and then took pics of them.

So, of course I had to add a pic of my own shoe!


Are you watching Survivor Philippines?

I am loving this season.

There are so many players to root for (for me, Denise, Malcolm, Lisa, Penner).

I can't wait to see how it plays out. (And I'm loving all of the water challenges this season. It's like old school Survivor!)