Friday, December 07, 2012

I Heart Weekends

Caisa, Papaya, Bam and the babies (twins our girls babysit and love to pieces).
Ward Christmas Party, 2012.

What are your plans this weekend in December?


1. Get ready for Zu's 10th bday (12/13).
(With the best hair ever. Seriously, she has the best hair.)

 2. Get ready for Dave's birthday (12/16).
Dave, me, Jonas (Survivor 24) and his beautiful wife!
 3. Go to Dave's work Christmas party--at Adobe.
(c) The Office.

4. Bake bread.

4. Grade student research papers.
BYU, where I teach English to 60+ upper division writing students.
Translation: 60 students + 13 page research papers = a lot of reading.
(c) BYU, Mark Filbrech.

And that's about it.

Hope you have a great holiday weekend

(Psst: Hannukah begins Sunday. And no, we aren't Jewish, but Zu has adopted this holiday as one of her favorites--because it falls during her bday. So, I'm praying it's not sacrilege, but we celebrate All-Things-Hannukah here at the Meehan clan. Can you say, Potato Pancake/Latke?)