Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Survivor Tonight!

The family visit: Survivor Philippines.
(c) CBS, Monty Brinton, 2012.

Even if you're not a major Survivor fan, tonight's the episode you want to watch: the family visit. (Just ask Lou Diamond Phillips--he watches. You know, La Bamba?)

There's just something so HUMAN about the family visit. You really get to see a whole different side to (most of) the players. 

I can't wait! Buzz around Survivor circles (no idea what that means, I just made it up) is that Malcolm's brother is really "interesting" and Lisa's reunion with her brother shows you just how lonely the game can make you feel.

I am anxious to see who goes home tonight. We've only got 3 episodes left until a winner is named. 

One of these 6 players is going to be a millionaire before Christmas and Hannukah; isn't that incredible?

Throwback Photo: Survivor South Pacific: Jack and Jill Challenge, Savaii Tribe.
(c) CBS, Monty Brinton, 2011.