Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Survivor Caramoan: Our Most Memorable Moments

Survivor Caramoan: Bikal Tribe.
(c) CBS, 2012, Monty Brinton--a fellow Utahn, PS!

I promise not to post about Survivor and self-promote EVERY DAY.

I do!

But today I have to talk Survivor. I've waited so long to share the experience with my family--and now it's finally here! 

Plus, my mom will never find these clips on her own. (Sorry, mom. True, right?)

At any rate, my point!

CBS posted new video footage/clips for each of the 20 Survivors yesterday. Yay! (The clips are on YouTube and CBS.com. I've included link below.) 

In these clips, each Survivor responds to the question "What's Your Most Memorable Survivor Moment." For previous players, we were asked to respond to our favorite moment on our own previous season; new players were asked to share their favorite Survivor moment of all time.

Here's the YouTube link to mine:

Oh, and then I have one last shameless share: it's the text of my pre-game interview with Gordon Holmes from Xfinity.com and/or Comcast. And yes, I talk about bread WAY too much. (I was nervous and bread is something that calms me. Even just talking about bread calms me. Embarrassing, but true.):


Ahh! There's Jeff Probst!
First challenge: Survivor Caramoan.
(c) CBS, Monty Brinton, 2012.

Side Note:  

One of the best parts of being asked to play Survivor a second time has to be having the opportunity to meet many of these interviewers and press people a second time. It makes the pregame experience a little like a reunion. And yes, that does change how nervous you are prior to the game. It is an advantage going into the game; I agree. 

However, my experience is that even when you have played once before, you still go into Survivor nervous as HELEN. 

After all, this isn't Jeopardy we're playing for 39 days ... it's the grandmother of all reality shows: Survivor!

We're talking about our society's version of the Hunger Games, if you will. 

I  don't care who you are or how you get to the game, pregame is still downright frightening.