Friday, February 22, 2013

My Dad's Bday. A Trip to Cali. And Survivor!

Camilla flower.

As I sit and type this morning, the snow is falling here in Utah.

It's hard to believe that just yesterday we were in sunny California.

We'd gone to celebrate my dad's 61st birthday (yes, I have young parents) and "do" Survivor stuff.

It was a great trip. I hadn't been "on the road" since summer and the game, and I had forgotten how good it feels to have a change of scenery. I think it's good for your marbles. No?

Here are some of the pictures we took on our trip. We were able to hike, visit, eat a lot of good food, see family, and of course, talk Survivor.

Did you see Episode 2? Woo! That was a rough night.  

What we saw on television was only the introduction to the outburst Cochran, Brandon, and I experienced. (Brandon has since apologized, PS.)

Survivor is such a stressful game. I think as I watch from home even I forget that. I mean, we are hungry, HOT, tired, thirsty, dirty ... and playing a game with a million dollar prize. A. Million. Dollars. That's just so much money. 

There's real physical and mental stress that goes along with this game. It's indescribable. So, I don't fault Brandon for being so angry or yelling/swearing at me and Cochran. But, I do believe my reaction was minor in the scheme of all that was said and directed at us.

Anyhow, this week's episode looks exciting (Ep 3). Sounds like Malcolm and Corrine are forming a sub-alliance. A very good looking sub-alliance, I might add. Tee hee.

Have a beautiful weekend. Remember to give people a second chance. We all need it. (PS: Yes, I know I sound like Oprah. Sorry, something about playing Survivor does that to ya. Ha!)

California traffic. (And beautiful horizon.)



Zu--hiking. It's her confessional stump--like Cochran's seashell chair!

Came across this sign on our hike. It reminded me of Andrea B. from Survivor. She rides horses at home on her farm.

Twigs on our hike. Reminded me of ... yes, you guessed, Survivor. I felt the need to collect these for fire.

Beautiful stream on our hike.

Papaya on our hike.

Bam, Zu, and Papaya--sisters on a hike.

Cousins at Panda Inn.

Silly cousins.

My dad, our oldest son, and my brother, celebrating my dad's 61st bday.

My mom--cooking chiles.
(Random funfact: she won the Grand Showcase on The Price is Right in the early '70s.)

My sweet dad.

A bundt. It's a bundt.

Harriet-the-dog and LuLu, driving in the California sunshine.


And now, here are some photos from next week's Survivor (Ep 3).

Bikal tribe. (c) CBS, Monty Brinton, 2012.
The challenge begins! (c) CBS, Monty Brinton, 2012.