Friday, February 15, 2013

What A Week!

Celebrating Valentine's Day.

This was a crazy-fun week. (Maybe a little heavy on the crazy.)

But first and foremost, guess who got engaged yesterday?

Whitney and Keith from Survivor South Pacific!

Is that the sweetest thing ever? (Yes!).

They fell in love on the island during Survivor South Pacific, and have been together ever since. It's really incredible.

And here's her ring. Isn't it beautiful? (PS: I've asked if I can be the flower girl. Stay tuned. Ha!)

We are so happy for them! Our family loves Ms. Whit and Keith!

Ms. Whitney Duncan's engagement ring (soon to be Whitney Tollefson!).
Whitney Duncan, (c) CBS, 2011.

Second, our guinea pig, Amelia Valentine Pond (named for Dr. Who) celebrated her bday yesterday. And our kids SPOILED her.

They made her cake out of ruffage, guinea pig pellets, and water.
She loved it, but it looked like Vegemite!

 Then, our oldest daughter had a basketball game with her church bball team.

We celebrated Valentine's Day.

Oh! And we watched the first episode of Survivor--which was both exciting and frightening all at once.

As I mentioned before, we're all watching it for the first time AS it airs. We have no idea what may/may not be shown. And given that each episode covers about 3-4 days of gameplay, it's hard to imagine all that may/may not be included in a one-hour (90 minute) episode.

Lucky for me, I survived the vote this week--even though our tribe did lose a player (Francesca).

There's so much about the game I'm dying to share with you here on the blog, but my contract with CBS pretty much restricts any communication about the game in a public forum until we are voted out of the game. 

So hopefully, I won't ever be able to talk to you about the game here. Ever. Hahahahaha.

At any rate, I do want to say that it was hard to vote Francesca out of the game. She's an incredible person and obviously in real life you just would never ever vote someone you like out of your tribe/family!

But, if there's one thing playing Survivor twice taught me, it's that Survivor isn't real life. It's a game. (Or at least that's how I went into it this time.)

Thanks to all of my family and friends who watched and supported me (especially while I was gone this past summer). I love you so much for helping me live my dream.


Andrea, Cochran, and Malcolm.
(c) CBS, 2012, Monty Brinton.

Francesca Hogi, the first person voted out Bikal.
(c) CBS, 2012, Monty Brinton.


On a sidenote: 

Our family wanted to thank our friends from church, the Pereguoys and Hales, for making us this incredible "Survivor-themed" dinner this week! It was AMAZING!

Carb-loading--World's Best Lasagna, garlic bread, salad, fruit salad ... and this brownie thingy that was so cute!

Ocean-themed brownie thingy.



Here are some of the "Behind the Scenes"
clips from episode 1 of Survivor Caramoan:

Dawn pregame

First reward challenge

Dawn Cochran reconnect