Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Photos From Jay's Mission Call Party

Jay is still so excited about his mission call to Indiana! We're watching Hoosiers (movie), learning about the state, and checking the weather daily. (He is not a fan of the snow, so of course, he is going to serve in a place with SNOW! It's all good though.)

Here are a LOT more photos from the party where he opened his papers and learned where he was going.

Thanks to Janae and Roma for taking them. XOXOX

Jay's friends Zach and Caleb (Caleb is going to serve his mission in New Zealand!)

Our sweet friends the Kirkmans.

Beautiful Angie and her new bambino.

The most handsome man in my world--Dave.

Papaya, Bam, and their friends.


Me and Janae--being photobombed by her daughter!

LuLu and Janae's daughter.

Again ... only with the sillies.

Jr. and Papaya dancing without music.

Janae and Whittney.
My two best friends. Truly, they my soul sisters.
(PS: they've been our kids moms when I've gone to Survivor BOTH times.)

Janae, Whittney and Me.

Our AWESOME Bishop (who served his own mission in Japan--many years ago).

Waiting for the opening of the letter ...

Jay and Janae's son.

Opening the letter ...



Visiting after, eating cake.

That cake is nearly gone. Woah. That was a lot of cake.

Our other dear friends, Liz (who served in San Diego), Josh (who served Vietnamese-speaking in South Dakota), and Rebecca (who served in Korea). We heart them!

Our nextdoor neighbors. LOVE THEM.

Again, our sweet nextdoor neighbors.



Tomorrow's Survivor Caramoan!

We're on Episode 7--if that can be possible. (Out of 14.)

I'll try to post more about it tomorrow.

In the meantime, have a beautiful day!

(c) CBS, Monty Brinton, 2012.

A really good day in the Philippines ... even though our tribe just lost immunity.