Friday, April 26, 2013

Just Another NOT Typical Day-in-the-Life

(c) Entertainment Weekly, page 11, 2013.
Me, JC, and JPro!

There are 4 really funny things to me about playing Survivor:

1. You get to live on an island and play this incredible game (and potentially win 1 million dollars!).

2. You get to challenge yourself in ways that just never ever happen in "real life."

3. You get to KNOW Jeff Probst!

4. You get to temporarily see what life is like "in the public eye" (for media people or politicians, etc.).

And I'm just here to say, numbers 1-3 are enough to throw off my center of gravity.

But number 4 is something I still FLIP OUT over.

It's just never NORMAL to have someone stop me and say, "Are your Dawn from Survivor?"


And yet on some days it's enough to make me think I should have my own box at the Lakers games, I tell ya. (Just kidding. Sorta.)

But fortunately--because I've played the game once before--I know that the "Survivor Glow" is somewhat short-lived, so I don't have too much time to get used to being the Big WoMan On Campus. 

(Dangit. LOL.)


Because by the time Survivor Caramoan is done airing around the globe, a new cast will be out playing, and soon it will be their turn in the spotlight.

It's The Circle of Life,  baby.

And I like it.

I really do like being just an ordinary wife, mom, teacher ... who was able to live this EXTRA-ORDINARY adventure


(With extra-ordinarily large eyeballs, I might add).

(c) CBS, 2012.

[Cue Elton John's "Circle Of Life." Tee hee.]