Monday, April 01, 2013

No Foolin': We're Merging AND Eating Bugs This Week On Survivor

I finally meet Sherri in the game!
(She's from Idaho, PS. 5 hours away from Utah. Fun!)
Me, Sherri, and Erik--on MERGE DAY.
Survivor Caramoan.
(c) CBS, 2012, Monty Brinton.

My apologies to PETA or whomever governs the care in invertebrates overseas ... because this week's Survivor is INCREDIBLE.

In addition to MERGING tribes (so long NuGota and NewBikal = AMEN!), they've brought back a classic Survivor challenge: the food-eating challenge (where you eat foods native to the land where you are living--Philippines).

The promos are showing pretty much everything in the challenge, so lemme just start with these little fellas:


Talk about earning a paycheck (Corinne's phrase)! I felt horrible--for about 2 seconds--when I learned we'd be doing this. (For a million dollars and some protein, I'll eat a living bug. Sad, but true.)

Beetle larvae. Sorry to say, alive.
Apparently these are eaten in the Philippines regularly.
PS: I swear mine were the size of my an apple ... each!
(c) CBS, 2012 and for the VCs.

More from the challenge:

First Individual Immunity Challenge.
(c) CBS, 2012.

In my mind, this is a pretty intense portion of the game--the merge. NewBikal and NuGota are reuniting for the first time. We're going to see where everyone from the Favorites is at, as far as loyalties and long-term game plans (remember, we have a legitimate 8 majority if we stick together).

In my first season on South Pacific, the merge is where I completely lost my footing. We went into that merge with 6 Savaii and 6 Upolu members--a stalemate of sorts. And what I learned from that experience is the merge is where many people begin to make big moves. It's a possible time to change the game.

And for me, in South Pacific, that's when Cochran made the move to flip to Upolu--and asked me to go with him. Not only did I not flip, but I didn't really get his message through to my tribemates on Savaii. So, we lost our solid 6 alliance and spent our remaining days of the game getting picked off one by one.

Did I learn anything from that experience in South Pacific?

We'll see.

This week's episode could be a gamechanger for ANYONE.

Eddie, Malcolm, Erik and Reynold seem to be pretty bonded pre-merge. And given that both Malcolm and Corrine are tight, and have idol, oh man!

So much is on the line!

Every minute of everyday.

Especially if you're Beetle Larvae living in the Philippines!

Here are some other quick pics from the NewBikal and Merge days:  

Me and Michael.
(I love Michael. He and Corinne took me boating one day and
I snorkeled for the first time. It's my most beautiful memory from the whole experience.)
(c) CBS, 2012, Monty Brinton

Me, after last week's challenge.
Someone made this as a LOL to my comments.
I wasn't bitter about losing that Coffee Reward. I promise. I'd been really sick in that challenge and actually had to leave it early b/c I had my own Diarrhea Fest going on. So, I was being honest when I said that. Sorry mom!
(c) CBS, 2012.

Another fan made this after I ratted out Julia to The Specialist.
(c) CBS, 2012, Monty Brinton.

This week's promos--Ep. 8.

This week's promo.
(c) CBS, 2012.

This week's promo: Me and Corinne at the water well.
PS: I'm wearing Cochran's loafers in this pic. He couldn't wear them because his feet were so sunburned.
(So of course, someone had to make use of them!)
(c) CBS, 2012.

This week's promo: Cochran and Andrea.
(c) CBS, 2012.

Sweet Malcolm, not a fan of the food eating.
(c) CBS, 2012.

And just so I don't seem completely ALL-SURVIVOR 24/7, we do have normal family life going on. Promise. 8)

Our oldest daughter turns 16 in a few weeks.

It's my mom's bday Friday--yay mom!

And Saturday I was able to go to a church broadcast with our daughters and about 17K other young women in Salt Lake City. It was AWESOME!

Bam, Papaya, and their BFF, and the Salt Lake Temple.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and share Survivor--and my family life--with me.

Happy Belated Easter and Passover.

(I'd planned to write about it, but religion is such a person topic, I feel wonky sometimes blogging about it. That's not to say I won't do that ... just to explain why I was absent this weekend!)


PS: Happy April Fool's Day!