Friday, April 12, 2013


Because Bam's not a big cake or ice cream fan,
we took to Pinterest and found this awesome CANDY CAKE to make as her birthday cake.
(Thanks to Papaya and Aub for making it!)

Happy Birthday Bam! Just think, in two short years, I'll be referring to you by your real name on the blog. (HAHAHA!)

We hope you have a beautiful SWEET 16 Birthday!

We love you so much and are so grateful to have you in our lives. You are a beautiful person inside and out. You are creative, thoughtful, forgiving, insanely good with animals, a friend to those who feel friendless, a great sister, a super babysitter, a great singer, a professional nail polisher, a silly girl, a
girl who loves her Dr. Pepper and Mc Donald's spicy chicken sandwiches (which, PS, we need to cut back on--haha), and most of all a genuinely light soul. You bring peace to our family and make life feel so FUN and GOOD.
We love you. Have a great day, Bam!

Bam at the lake, 2013.

Christmas 2012.

Bam w/ a dear little friend (who brought her flowers).

5/6 Meehan kiddos (PS: a month after Survivor Caramoan).

Valentine's 2013.

The whole fam w/ "Soup" our fave little friend.
(PS: Taken before Survivor South Pac--days before.)

Hiking Y Mountain in Provo, Bam and Lu.

Bam got her cat a dress for the Sweet 16 Party--apparently there's a formal dress code.
Papaya made her cake (with Jay's bestfriend Aub)

Zee Sweet Sweet 16 Cake.

Bam at 6--in a dress her Grandma Mary made. She had a tea party for that bday.

PS: Just to show you how much Bam's been looking forward to turning 16 ... she's been sending me pictures and photos of "All Things Sweet 16" for months. Like this one: