Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yay! I Live To See Another Day In Survivor Caramoan

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 I am so happy to have made it this far in Survivor Caramoan!

As of last night, I beat my placement in Survivor South Pacific (woo hoo!).

I thought last night's episode was great. (I think my wording was "huge" at the end of tribal. That was no small feat getting Malcolm out. Holy mack!)

I liked last night's episode because we saw a lot more of everyone--and you got a really good picture of what camplife is like (people back and forth sharing plans, voting changes, stress over splitting/not splitting votes, idol searching, bluffing, drinking brown water, heat, tears, diarrhea ... the works!)

And while it may seem nuts that I bought a rotisserie chicken for $500.00, it was THE best chicken I've ever eaten. And at this point in the game, I felt I needed food more than I needed family letters or an advantage in a challenge. (But I could have been wrong, been blindsided and easily gone home last night. The game is that fragile--and in constant motion.)

Anyway, in my mind Cochran, Andrea and Malcolm were the real stand-outs last night.

Who knew Cochran would play with such confidence this time?

Who knew Andrea would be SO GUTSY--I mean, she is playing to win. And yet, she's having fun with everyone, too. ("I love the smell of fresh dirt ..." COULD YOU DIE? She's a riot.)

And Malcolm, well, let me just say this: there's a reason he has an incredible fan base (he does).

Here's my take on Malcolm:

--Had we known just how incredible he was in S25, we would have voted him out FIRST on S26. But thankfully we didn't, because he was so critical in our early pre-swap tribe challenges. He is a strategist ... and can shave seconds off of different sections in a challenge. He's a big brain. He helped us with our winning streak pre-swap. (Translation = get rid of him ASAP after merge.)

--He plays the game. He's fun about it. Even though we were on different "sides," at one point, he always "played" with me. I enjoyed every day in the game with him.

So, I live to see another day! Woo hoo!

Can't wait to see what next week brings.

In the meantime, I hope you're well and I appreciate you checking in on me and this wonky experience.

Oh, and here are some of the Secret Scenes from last night's episode:    

I'm Proud of Cochran:

How I Felt After The Food Auction:

Andrea's Take On This Stage Of Game:

I've Never Seen Cochran Cry:

Malcolm The Day After: