Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend!

I'm not exactly sure what I did for Memorial Day weekend LAST year, but I'm pretty sure it was something like this:
(c) CBS, 2012.
And thanks to for the VC.

Or this:

(c) CBS, 2012.

But not this year!

Here's what we're planning THIS Memorial Day weekend ... 

Did I mention--this is my first one in the US in two years?

(PS: Sorry to beat a dead horse with the whole "My First Summer Sans Survivor," but it's such a weird thing to be out of the country two summers in a row--especially when you are a wife, mom of 6, who doesn't even go to Target without at least 2 members of her family.)

Anyway, my point!

This is the first year I won't celebrate Memorial Day with Cochran on a deserted island. 

Ha! Gotcha.

My point! 

I am so grateful to celebrate this Memorial Day weekend with my family here in Salt Lake City:

--We're going swimming.
(In any bathing suit I wanna wear--regardless of it's placement on the colorwheel.)

--We're going to BBQ.
(On a real BBQ! No combing the jungle for firewood.)

--We're going to listen to music ... real loud music.
(I missed my family first, and MUSIC second, in the game. I love music and can truly say I missed it more than food or the internet.)

--And we're going to count our blessings.
(Because even though it "was just a reality tv show," Survivor taught our whole family so many life-changing lessons. Truly, we are all different people as a result of Mark Burnett, Jeff Probst, the crew, the castaways, Samoa, The Philippines, and Survivor. Those 67 days living off the land taught me to truly appreciate--AND LIVE--every minute of every day on Planet E. Boom!)

Have a beautiful holiday weekend. Don't forget to hug your loved ones.

And just for fun (my fun), here are some flashback photos of our fam in 2010:
Papaya and Jr. at Newport Beach, CA.

Bam at 31 Flavors in CA.
Dave and Me at Chi Chi's Pizza in CA.

Lu at Disneyland.
Zu at Newport beach, CA.
Jay at Disneyland.
(Psst: He leaves on his service mission in about 40 days.)

PS: Prayers to my Survivor friend Katherine who is kicking cancer's can as she goes through radiation right now. ((hugs)) and healing prayers, chica. XOXO