Thursday, May 16, 2013

Today = A Few Finale Weekend Photos (Tomorrow = The Whole Enchilada!)

Four of our kiddos AT the finale Sunday night.
CBS put our whole group in the front row. (Very kind.)

Matt, me, and Michael at Friday night Bday dinner for Andrea, Universal CityWalk.

(PS: Cochran gave me my necklace a week after we got back from playing Survivor Caramoan. It's a Tiffany necklace--tee hee--with a keyhole. It's symbolic and special to me because we promised on Day 1 of the game to stay LOCKED to the end, to Day 39, and we DID!
PPS: I asked him no fewer than 2 million times during the game, "are we still locked?")

Me, Matt and his beautiful wife Tessa. We will be forever friends. I love Matt.

Andrea's family. She had no fewer than 22 people at the finale. All from Wisconsin!

Me and John at Andrea's bday dinner.

Sherri and John at the Reunion Show rehearsal.
(PS: Sherri is insanely beautiful in person.)

Reunion Show rehearsal: Malcolm (photo bomber), Reynold, and Andrea.
Dre also has a necklace from John--with a story.

(PS: We're the only two who got necklaces. Ha ha ha.
So that tells you who's closest: John, Dre, and me.
And also shows you that Dre is insanely forgiving and kind.
The 3 of us had made major promises to go to the Final 3 together.)

Me, Dre, and John after getting makeup/hair--just before the Live Reunion Show.

Me with a dear friend, Brian.
(He calls me NewMom and I call him NewSon. He's even baked bread for me.)

Jeri Manthey (Ahhhhhh! FanGirl freakout moment for me.) and Corinne.

(Everyone says they look alike--and then they both show up to after-party in purple!)

Our really good family friend, Joel. He came for the finale bc he's a big fan, but he ended up helping us SO much with the kids. Joel, we owe you BIG TIME!

Two of my favorite casting/CBS people on the planet.
The chica on the right actually PULLED my old S2 audition tape out of a pile 8 years after I'd auditioned and "re" discovered me. Without her, I would have never been on Survivor.

And Dave, my best friend and husband.
(PS: He's the most generous and encouraging person I know. I wish I'd won the million JUST for him.)

PS: Thank you again, for all of the kind messages, cards, emails and phone calls. I am so thankful for the love and support. It really means a lot to me. Thank you. ((hugs)) XOXOXOXOXOXO