Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Really REALLY Good Day

A memory of a not-so-really-really-good day: Brandon's exit.
Survivor Caramoan. (c) CBS, Monty Brinton, 2012.

One of the greatest "take-aways" from Survivor--for me--has been recognizing how truly fortunate we are I am to have my basic needs (shelter, water, food, freedom to choose, etc.) met on a daily (even hourly) basis.

I mean, I think I was always a grateful person. Well, at least I hope I was. But since Survivor, I'm the kind of person who literally thinks, "How awesome is this toliet?" every time I walk into a bathroom now. Or the kind of person who wants to say out loud, "This water is crystal clear ... no diarrhea-fest today!"

And I'm not being sarcastic. I literally mean it, "We are so blessed to have clean water and toliets."

Anyway, my point!

When your basic needs are met, life is so good.

And then ...

on days when you have your basic needs met AND  EXTRA amazing things happen, life is REALLY REALLY GOOD!

Yesterday was one of those days for me: a REALLY REALLY GOOD DAY. Here's why:

We went suit shopping for Jay's service mission.
(We are really happy for Jay. He's getting ready for his own version of "Survivor"--
only for a much more noble cause/purpose: serving others.)

After suit shopping, we were able to meet Andre Boehlke's aunt and cousin at BYU. It was like meeting family!
(Dre's cousin is attending BYU in the fall--where I teach. Tell me that isn't too much? Small world, right?)
We were able to jump at an indoor trampoline place--and found this tiny door for the tiny trampoline repair-person.
Papaya and her friend.

The kids played trampoline dodgeball.

Jay did this way-hard obstacle course.

Bam and Lu bounced. And bounced.

I met an amazing Survivor fan--the young man in the red shirt.
He's 15 and a double-amputee.
He's jumping on his prosthetic legs/feet.
Talk about inspirational. Incredible young man.
That's one special part of playing Survivor: you meet people you wouldn't always
meet--because the TV show gives us a common language/history.

Lu did a bazillion flips.

Zu smiled the whole time (which is pretty much her default expression).
(This was taken after she took a hit to the face in dodgeball.)

And Bam and Jr showed me just how tiring the jumping had been.
(I still have a broken foot, so I wasn't able to jump.)

PS: Just so you know, I realize as I type, that I'm not always grateful. Even on this near-perfect day, while we were at the trampoline place, I actually complained that the bottles of water were $1.00 a bottle. 

Our kids wanted something like 4 bottles each, there were 8 kids ... and suddenly I heard myself muttering something about "being able to buy a case of water for that much." Anyway, I caught myself just in time to hear the Snack Bar clerk say, "Aren't you Dawn from Survivor?"


Imperfect Dawn. Yup, that's me.

"Nice to meet you,"--as I complain about this filtered water.

Time to hit the reset button and try again.