Monday, June 24, 2013

Dog Days Of Summer ...

Bam's painting nails like nobody's business.

She calls these ones "galaxy."

Just a quick post today to say, I am loving summer SO much. Something about starving on a deserted island the last two summers makes being home this summer (with food, toliet paper, a toliet!, pillows, soap, family, and a watch) SO SO SO SO SO SO sweet.

And guess what?

I bought a new bathing suit this weekend. A non-Survivor one!

And you know what that means?

1. I picked out the color I wanted.
(For the game, production typically tells us to stick to a certain color on the "color wheel.")

2. I bought it a full-size bigger than last year's model.
(Because when you're planning to do the Survivor Cleanse, it's best to buy a suit that's one size too small. You wanna anticipate fitting into it once the lbs are melting off of ya in the sweltering heat. Translation = if you only make it to Day 12 of the game, your suit is TIGHT. But if you make it to Day 39, that baby fits AWESOME!)

Have a beautiful week!

(PS: This week is the one year anniversary of Survivor Caramoan's "Day 39." We finished on June 28th of 2012--at about 11pm--on the eve of my 42nd bday. More on that Thursday though.)