Friday, June 21, 2013

First Day Of Summer!

Zu, Lu, and Jr at the community pool yesterday.

I love the first official day of summer--especially here in Utah--because it's usually a smokin' hot day, sunny day! 

That means we can swim and play outdoors for a long, long, LONG time.

Do you have any summer solstice plans?


We sure do:

1. We are going to try and stay outdoors as much as possible.

2. We are going to BBQ.

3. Dave and I are going to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
(I know I keep sayin' this, but it's our first anniversary "together" in two years. Since I was playing Survivor in '11 and '12, and Dave flew out for the Loved Ones Visit both years, we were technically "in the same country" for our anniversary, but we never actually got to spend our wedding day together. This year is different though. Yay! 

PS: Not complaining, jussayin'. Because truly, going out to Survivor two years in a row--Samoa, and then The Philippines--made for a pretty spectacular wedding anniversary. It will be pretty hard to top that this year! Right, babe?)

Happy Summer Solstice!


PS: Here are some photos from your Bday, LuLu. Thanks for making it such a fun day. Love you. So. Much. XOXOXO

Waking up and opening gifts (these are from your Momma One-a, Ruby.)

Getting ready for your bday "movie day"--with this present (Monsters University).

Going to lunch at dad's work with Jay and Zu. (Where you also played ping-pong and pool. It's a WAY cool office/campus.)

Getting sun with your sister, Bam.

Swimmin with Zu and Jr.

Dinner at Cafe Rio. (Chicken tamales.)

Rollerblading and painting with Zu.
(With the paint set from your other favorite mom, Ruby.)