Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary ...

Today, Dave and I celebrate 22 years of marriage.

Holy cow--that's a lotta years.

A lotta years.

Dave, I love you so much. Thank you for being my absolute best friend and partner on Planet E.

You are--hands down--the best thing that ever happened to me in this life. And I still think you have the bluest eyes I've ever seen (yeow!).

I love you.



Dave and Jay, 2011.


PS: I thought for fun, and posterity, I would list a few of my favorite early "you" (Dave) memories here today:

--Our first meeting.
I know you and Jeff T say it was at the Sizzler, but I seriously don't remember that. For me, our first meeting will always be Jeff L's bday party in the Huck's backyard. That night is ETCHED in my memory. Every detail. What you wore: Videos To Go shirt. Black shorts. Black braided belt. Cross country shoes. Handsome blue eyes. What we ate: pizza and soda. Who we sat with: Rick H. What we talked about: promo pizza magnets. And where we you went after: to a movie (Ghost) with Jeff T. (I remember praying you'd invite me, too. But no, Jeff T won ya over that night. Ha ha ha.)
--Our first date.
Getting ready that morning and being nervous as can be (getting snacks, magazines, and buying a new beach chair), going to the beach, you swimming horizontal with the waves, bringing your dog Barney, us getting moved by the beach police (that dog!), eating at McDonald's and you asking what my dad did for a living (twice), driving in your jeep through Malibu canyon, me not going in the water, Barney drooling on me, and realizing that I loved every minute of that day.

--Overdue movie rentals.
I love that my best idea for getting you to call me was to keep "My Left Foot" rented for 20+ days (Dave co-owned the video store where I rented). And I love that when you did call, it wasn't to ask me out, it was to tell me that my movie was overdue. (PS: You still made me pay that fee, yanno?)

--Phantom of the Opera.
I hope our boys learn from your example. That was THE best date ever. The dinner. The flower. The play. And coming home to find you'd had Jeff T. develop (old school) photos from that night--and put them in my room before we finished our date. (PS: It blows my mind to think that we now have 6 kids together--who all love Phantom of the Opera.)

--Shakes at Garrett's Mom's Restaurant.
I cannot--for the life of me--remember the name of Garrett's mom's restaurant! Eeek. But, I love my memories of getting chocolate chip shakes there with you.

--Cards and Notes O'Plenty.
I think I fell in love with your handwriting before I fell in love with you. Never have I seen someone write/leave so many messages for the person they are dating. They were everywhere (dry erase boards in my car, cards, post-it notes, etc.). I love that I have so many written memories of our early dating. Thank goodness we didn't have cellphones. Who keeps a text message for 20+ years? XOXOX

To be continued ...