Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Whittney C.!

My BFF Whittney--with her island BFF, Dre Dre's sister!

Happy Birthday Whittney. It is SO good to celebrate this bday with you in the USA!

And so hard to believe that last year you were in the Philippines for your bday (or on a plane, another plane, another plane, a bus, and a bumpy boat on your way there).

I heart you to the moon and back.

You are my kids favorite Aunt and my serious soul-sistah. 

Love you, and hope it's a super groovy bday!

And now, the Bday Acrostic, in your honor Whittney:

Wonderful counselor (oh, that cracks me up)

Hostess of Martha Stewart proportions

I love your guts

There's a coconut w/ your name on it in the Philippines

The days are sweeter because you're on Planet E

Nobody does Primary like you

Everyone in our family wishes you would move in

You make even cloudy days seems BRIGHT