Friday, July 12, 2013

Girls Camp: Day 2 = RAIN!

Caisa, our daughter's camp leader--with 15 young women in her van at Girls Camp!

I know they say a little rain never hurt anyone.

But you know what?

A lot of rain CAN! (I have a lot of experience camping in the rain sans tents/Survivor. Trust me.)

So, imagine my surprise/sympathy, when Bam and Papaya's camp leader called last night to tell us it had been raining for several hours and that camp was getting a little fairly stressful.

There is nothing quite like camping in the rain. It just takes things to a whole new level. And usually, that's not a fun level (something about being cold AND wet makes ya crabby).

Anyway, my point!

Our girls are good, but they are cold and wet.

Fortunately they come home tomorrow morning ... to a warm home and dry clothes.

And, most likely they will appreciate those things WAY WAY more after 4 days in the wilderness--so it's all good in the big picture.

PS: Congratulations to the Clarke family in Canada! Great news. So happy for you all!

Bam and Caisa.