Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Heart Summertime!

Is there anything better than time with a book you love?

(PS: Jr. loves to read, but I'm pretty sure this scenario was staged. He was teasing me about loving reading more than video games. If we look closely, the book may even be upside down. And it's on Pompei!)

Turns out it's always summer when you're a housecat!

Bam and Papaya on the kayak at the lake near our home.
(Our community lets us check these out for use. It is so cool.)

I love cooking in the summer--tho my pesto was only medium. I haven't mastered the recipe.

I love coconuts. (Even after Survivor. Heck, BECAUSE of Survivor.)

Bam is probably the most creative person I know.
I was never like this as a kid--and I love that she is.

Zu went to visit Janae's Service Hamster, Silver.

The running joke between us all: I'd like Janae's family to get a service dog. Janae thinks her hamster fills the bill. "Silver-the-Hamster calms people," she claims.

But he can't open doors or get the remote!

(PS: If you're new to the blog, my BFF Janae is ahmaze-ing. She's a runner, wife, mother of 3, rock climber, and plant aficionado. And she's been battling Lou Gehrig's Disease/ALS for 5+ years:

We love this balsamic glaze Janae gave us. In addition to chicken friend everything.

Harriet loves lounging. With her tongue out.
(She missed Elder Meehan--can ya tell? The were always together.)

Swimming (with Papaya's friend).

Jr.--who turns 14 this coming month!

Heaven better have a pool.


The view from our community pool is beautiful (mountains).


More pool.

The beautiful Wasatch Mountains.

A trip to the park to play kickball
(Psst: Which I can't stand--since 5th grade and Mr. Bickle was showing the class how to kick and the ball hit me in the face.)

More park.

Missing Elder Meehan, but feeling super happy FOR him.

And a throwback photo of Elder Meehan and two of his friend from age 12.

They are all 3 serving missions for our church now. In Canada, Ghana and Indiana!