Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Off To Girls Camp!

Beautiful Meehan bambinos--Papaya and Bam--leaving for Girls Camp this morning.

We just dropped Bam and Papaya off for 5 days in the wilderness, aka in Mormon circles as "Girls Camp."

I'm so excited for them to spend time camping. I was never much of a camper--before Survivor--and I have grown to love it so much (especially  when there's clean drinking water, a change of clothes, a sleeping bag, air mattress, and a tent--oh, and no voting people out!).

I'm also super grateful that the girls get to go with their awesome Sunday School teachers/leaders. We honestly couldn't ask for kinder, more amazing, women to mentor our kiddos. I'm so thankful their leaders sacrifice time away from their families in order to go and put on this camp. We're really lucky and appreciative.

PS: Look at these cool tennis shoes one of the girls had made just for camp! They are hand-drawn/colored! And go with this year's camp theme: "Oh The Places You Will Stand," a play on Dr. Seuess' book--and it goes with a scripture, "Stand ye in holy places."

Some days life feels so damn good.

I love days like today!

Custom camp tennis shoes!

PS: Happy Birthday to my very dear friend Ms. Sophie Clarke. I heart you, chica!