Friday, July 26, 2013

Pesto Friday AND Elder Meehan Photos!

Kind of random, but I'm making pesto today for the first time.

Ever since Elder Meehan left on his mission, I feel the need to try new things. I guess it's my way of distracting myself, getting lost in new things? 

Oh, who knows?! (And probably, who cares? Ha ha ha.)

It's a way to pass the time--that's all I'm sayin'.

But back to my point!

Today I'm making pesto at Janae's--using her basil, her AWESOME BlendTec blender, my homegrown garlic, my olive oil ... and my $49.99 per pound PINENUTS!

Yup, you heard me: Pinenuts are $49.99 per POUND here in Utah.

What in the honk? 

Funny, yesterday I tweeted about how expensive pinenuts were and people immediately replied "pesto doesn't really need pinenuts."


That's not what FoodNetwork says. 

Now, I may only be able to afford two tablespoons of pesto, but I'm making it according to The Iron Chef's recommendation, people. 

Work with me here. 

I don't make chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips. And I'm sure as Helen not making pesto without the golden pinenuts.

So there.

Psst: I'll let you know how it goes. Just so you get a sense of how my brain is functioning these days: I had a dream last night that I was allergic to pinenuts--and had a complete Will-Smith-in-Hitch-Allergic-Reaction after I made said-pesto. (I guess spending $11.00 on my small portion of pinenuts really messed with my psyche.)
I think Hitch was allergic to shellfish? Eeeek!

Anyone else's throat itch after seeing this pic?

PS: Yesterday was the best mail day ever! 

Elder Meehan sent us the memory card from his camera, and it had photos from his first 13 days at the Missionary Training Center!

It has been SO fun to see the photos (700 of them) and get a greater sense of what missionary life is like. 

Oh man, cameras/pictures have to be one of the most incredible inventions. Right?