Wednesday, July 17, 2013

You Can Comment On The Blog Again--And Enter The Mr. Bubbles Giveaway!

Ever since Jay left on his mission, I've been without my "IT Guy" (and my extra driver and my home-improvement guy). 

So, it's pretty hilarious that I posted a Giveway on the blog Monday without realizing people wouldn't be able to comment on the blog! (Because we'd taken down the comment functionality in the post-Survivor craze.)

Anyway, my point!

While I didn't learn to fish myself (enable the comments) ... yet--Dave did step in and set up the commenting for me. Yay! 

So now you can enter to win the Mr. Bubbles bath stuff by posting a comment on the blog between now and Friday at 11:59pm.

Click the Giveaway tab for Giveaway Instructions/Rules if you have questions (those of you with privacy issues--hahahaha.).

Have a beautiful day. (Thanks, Dave. XO)

via Pinterest, 2012.


  1. I am so happy to have found your blog and to get to know you better. Your family is lovely!

    Keep smilin!

  2. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I love Mr. Bubbles! And the Meehan family!
    8) Kindra

  3. Susan Swig8:57 PM

    I love Mr. Bubbles. I used it when I was little. If I win, I will give to the little ones in my life. Great niece and nephew. Your family is so beautiful. You should be so very proud!!!! <3

  4. Love following your blog. Loved watching you on survivor. Would love to be entered in contest for mr bubbles
    Sharon Taylor from UT

  5. Hi Dawn! I love your blog!! Its just so positive! Makes me smile everytime I read it! xoxo Emerso

  6. I love bubble baths. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  7. i'm almost out of my disney princess bubble bath, so mr. bubbles would be a great candidate to take its place. ;) i'm happy that comments are back! i love your blog and your outlook on life. i love how happy and positive you are- especially during the survivor craziness. you had such class when you appeared at the reunion, as well as on the after show. i was happy to see a great woman on survivor representing mormons well! now i just need your tips and tricks to getting on the show! it would be a dream come true to play survivor! annnd i'm starting to sound like a crazy person, so i'll stop commenting now... :)

  8. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Hi Dawn,

    Love reading your blog and really enjoyed watching you on Survivor! You are a true inspiration - especially for moms! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

    -Sarah L.

  9. I might be too late to enter but still want to comment. Love your blog Dawn! You'll always be one of my Survivor favorites!


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