Friday, August 02, 2013

More YW Camp Photos ...

Just before leaving ... the whole group of girls with their camp leaders.
Papaya and her favorite mentor/Camp Director.

Several dads come up to help supervise and keep camp safe.
These dads were kind enough to let Bam paint their nails during craft time.

Bam on the ZipLine.
(So fun.)

Caisa on the ZipLine.

Bam and her friend after a night of rain.

Staying dry inside the car while it POURS.
(The road to the mountain campsite was nearly washed out. As a result, camp had to end a day early. Lots of rain.)

Church friend and leaders.

I am so glad our daughters have a chance to go to camp each year. It is not always fun to put aside normal teenage life, but man, is it worth it to spend a few days in the mountains with people you heart.

(And we're so thankful for the photos--thanks leaders for getting them out to us. Along with the video. So fun.)


PS: I realized yesterday while the kids were swimming (we try to swim a least an hour a day--for fun and exercise), that I really wish I'd listened more in my Meteorology class in college. The clouds yesterday were breath-taking.

Yes, I just said breath-taking. 

A) I'm preparing a monologue. 
B) I'm getting older and using wonky adjectives. 
C) All of the above.

Bootiful Utah skyline.

Baby D--
How on earth did I forget to call you on your bday? Aunt Dawn is SO Sorry!

Happy 13th cousin/nephew.

We love you!

December 2011, Santa Monica Pier.