Thursday, August 29, 2013

What The HONK?

Who knew a duck could bring so much JOY.

I've been trying to spend a lot of time outdoors with the kids this month:

1.) Because Utah is beautiful in the fall/end of summer.

2.) Because we will be indoors a lot come winter. (A lot.)

Anyway, yesterday we decided to keep it simple and just spent about 45 minutes feeding ducks at a nearby lake, when suddenly I heard Zu yelling ...

"Take a picture mom, I'm holding the duck."

And before I could even register what she was saying, I looked up to find this:  

Lu and Zu trying to cradle a duck.

What in the honk?

I swear, some people's kids! No regard for wildlife or Lake Rules. (Honestly, those were my first thoughts--vs. worrying about health/dirty duck feathers.)

I was dying. For reals. Like, I thought the Duck Police were going to fine us.

But once I calmed down, I realized the duck kinda liked Zu. 

He/she really did.

But my favorite part of the whole duck exchange was when I asked Zu, "Why are you holding that duck?" (Because I never have had a desire to hold a duck.)

And she replied, "Because I'm going to be a vet. I need to get used to holding animals."

Of course. That's it! 

You DO need to get used to holding animals. Sure, honey. Let's grab every animal we see as we are out in the world today.

Beetle? Sure.

Mean Alley Cat? Why, of course.

Gigantic Marmaduke Dog down the street? Absolutely.

Looks like it's going to be Career Day everyday for Zu Meehan.

What in the honk? That's all I can say.

Happy Zu and her duck friend. (With a tiny crumb of bread.)

This duck watched the whole exchange. He/She's my favorite one at the lake.

Earlier that day we walked Harriet the dog--and stopped to swing.

I love August/Sept. in Utah. The skies are beautiful.


PS: In other news ...

Our neighbor said she saw two neighbor boys riding blue bikes the other day--and one had a girl's wicker basket on the front (which she thought was odd). So, there's a chance we may have found Bam's stolen bike.

Stay-tuned. Bike drama in the suburbs.