Thursday, September 05, 2013

Just Thinking Out Lout Here

Papaya with Jessie--our new puppy (at the Humane Society Adoption Day at PetCo).

Since Elder Meehan left for his service mission, I've been thinking SOOOO much about how I parent. And about how WE parent as a society/world.

I think it all began back in July when Elder Meehan wrote us and mentioned that he'd used fabric softener instead of detergent to wash his clothes. Haha.

No, for reals!

That's when all this reflection began.

I started thinking, 

--"Have I done enough?"
(How do you not know the difference between fabric softener and detergent?)

--"Did we raise him well?"

--"Is he self-reliant?"
(Again, how do you not know the difference between fabric softener and detergent.)

--"Did we teach him how to give and receive love?"


Anyway, my point!

This "parenting theme" has been occupying my thoughts for some time now.

And then we added a new puppy to our household last Saturday. And now the whole "parenting theme" is REALLY on my mind. Because, here's this 7 month old puppy (we got her at the shelter)--and she wants to jump on us, eat doorstops, and lunch on tubesocks.

And we have 5 kids at home, plus Dave and I, who are all giving her instruction on how to BE a "good dog."

It's a little overwhelming. 

For all of us. Not just the dog.

And then we take her on walks and random people offer us suggestions on how to help us train her to be a "good dog."

Some suggestions are kind. ("Just love her.")

Some are downright bizarre. ("Put chili pepper paste on things she chews that she shouldn't chew.")

And some are mean in my book. Mean. ("Knee her. Hit her. Withdraw food.")

And it's just made me think, "What's the BEST way to learn?"

And I realize this is not a question I can answer for everyone: all people, animals, etc.

But it's a question, I definitely want to consider.

Because, at the end of the day, the way we learn seems to determine a lot of our behavior toward ourselves, our family, society.

It seems pretty important.



So, that's what's going on here. How are you all?

PS: BYU was awesome yesterday. Here's my Throwback Thursday photo of BYU (taken 9/2012).


  1. Susan Swig8:55 PM

    Cute puppy. What does Harriet think about him? Hope they get along ok. Glad elder Meehan is doing well. Everybody makes mistakes with laundry once in a while. I think you and Dave are doing just fine parenting your children. They are so lucky to have the best mom and dad in the world!! You are very nurturing and loving and that's what helps the kids to grow up so well rounded. Miss u tons. Much love, Sue

  2. Let me just tell you that each time I sent Aubrey and Carson off to college and their missions, I felt like I hadn't been a good enough parent and that I hadn't prepared them well enough. I was pretty down on myself, but luckily was blessed enough to have Gary, friends, and a good bishop to reassure me that they HAD been prepared and all would work out. Yes, they've made mistakes that I just shake my head and wonder what they were thinking, but they are moving forward with their lives. And Carson even titled his last email "Mother knows best." So I guess they still appreciate their mom :)

  3. That makes me feel so much better to hear, AnneMarie. Thank you for sharing that. We pray for Elder Hatch every week! That DRCongo mission is incredible. (PS: We have friends who lived there w/ the State Dept., and they are having a friend visit Utah from DRCongo this month. A church member. Incredible history!)


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