Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lime Ricki Swimsuits

Me, on Survivor Caramoan--wearing a Lime Ricki
swimsuit (with paint on it).
(c) 2013, CBS, Monty Brinton.

Even though Lime Ricki didn't ask me to do this, I feel like I should at least mention their kindness ...

Contestants on Survivor are asked to submit/use their own swimsuits for gameplay--with a few restrictions/conditions: we are usually given a certain color scheme. (I think there are a few exceptions where wardrobe selects a bathing suit for players, but for the most part, we each purchase our own bathing suits.)

When I played Survivor I wanted my clothing, if at all possible, to support a local Utah company (without them knowing--because we can't have any sponsorships).

So both times I played I submitted Lime Ricki bathing suits for CBS' review. They are a local Utah swimwear company, and I have worn their suits for a few years now.

Oddly, the first time I played, CBS ended up mixing and matching my Lime Ricki bottoms with a Target top (Survivor South Pacific). But for Survivor Caramoan, I was able to wear both Lime Ricki swimsuit top and bottom. Yay!

I love Lime Ricki suits! They are colorful, comfortable, have great coverage, and were perfect for the game. (Even if some people called my suit a gardening glove! Haha.)

And if that weren't enough reason to like them, when I returned from the game, Lime Ricki had heard I wore their suit, so they wrote me a super kind handwritten card thanking me AND gave me a HUGE shopping spree/gift certificate to go with it!

It was very kind of them. And super unexpected.

So, if you're in the market for a modest, fun bathing suit, I'd totally visit one of their storefronts (Provo/Salt Lake City) or website. They are good peeps!