Tuesday, September 03, 2013

So Long Summer!

Bam, Papaya, Lu, and Janae's kiddos at the park.

Labor Day weekend was soooooooooooooooooo nice!

We didn't do anything spectacular, but we did get to check out a new park by our home and have a fun BBQ Monday night (cooked entirely by Dave--yayhoo!). (The only downside to the holiday is that we didn't get any mail delivery--so no update from Elder Meehan. Drats.)

I hope you had a great holiday weekend. 

And Happy Labor Day--today--to my Canadian friends.

Jr and Papaya having a pull-up contest.

The girls on a spinning thingy.

This park is incredible. The equipment, the layout, the landscaping and rockscaping,
the brook running through it--are all incredible!

This brook flows into a nearby lake.

Dave and Bam.

Zu, Lu, Jr, Papaya, and Janae's kiddos.
There's a drill and conveyor belt in the sand area. Along with volleyball courts.

Our weather has been between 85-95 this week. The clouds were beautiful on Labor Day.

Jr. on the zipline.

The brook has shut-off valves so you can dam the flow of water.

Rock wall thingy to climb and cool slide.

Oh! And  I almost forgot: We added a new pet to our family this weekend: Jessie the Black Lab (mix). (Jessie from ToyStory2).