Monday, September 23, 2013

When The Flu Comes To Town ...

Even Harriet-the-dog threw up this weekend. What the what?

Well, if there's anything positive about having the flu, it's having it over a weekend--so you can truly REST from your work/school/etc.


Uh, sure.

Poor Bam, Dave, Zu and even Harriet-the-dog each caught a weird cold/flu-type thing that had them "down for the count" this weekend.

It was awful.

I was teasing Dave, but I'm not sure if it's worse to be the one with the flu--or the mom to the ones with the flu. Eeek! (We're talking a lot of laundry and disinfectant. If you're picking up what I'm layin' down.)

Hopefully they will be on the mend here soon. And hopefully, the remaining non-flu family members have used enough Purell to keep us germ-free.

Crossing my fingers.

Hope your weekend was 'smarvelous.

PS: Booo. BYU lost this weekend. (Yay if you are a Ute fan--Liz B.)

PPS: Not that it's a big deal in the Big Picture, but I did deactivate my Facebook account for the time-being. I just found myself spending too much time there, so I thought it would be good to take a break. So if you need to reach me, email works great.