Saturday, October 26, 2013


We were able to take the kids to a corn-maze-pumpkin-festival-thingy in Utah last night. (And two friends. Which is always a hard thing for us. With 6 kids, if everyone brings a friend, we are short on seatbelts--and sometimes cash--ha! So we end up doing this somewhat consistent rotation for bringing a friend to family events. Which, I'm pretty sure the kids will need therapy over because it never turns out "fair." If you know what I mean.)

Anyway, my point!

I don't think we'd been to something like this since the kids were tiny, and it was actually a lot of fun. There was so much to do! (The corn maze itself, pig races, goat races, pumpkin launching, mini-corn mazes, horror houses, paintball shooting, potatosack slides, and so much more.) 

It felt a little like the County Fair, only with more "all inclusive" rides and games.

We liked it!

(PS: I'm always reluctant to post the names of places we go--because I'm worried readers/people will think it's a paid endorsement. Just so you know, I never ever get paid for anything I post on the blog. And if I ever do, I will let you know for sure. We paid our admission here. And I think it was around $9.00 a person--which is pricey to me. But then again, it was WAY less expensive than Disneyland. Don't get me started on that admission fee.)