Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Daylight Savings Has Me All Confused

This year's corn maze.

I am an early riser.

I like being up a few hours before the sun.

But this year's end to Daylight Savings (U.S. peeps) is killing me:

I'm seriously up for HOURS and HOURS before the sun.

And I tell ya, it's got me all upside down.

I can no longer "sense" when it's time to stop doing MY things and get the house going--waking up the kids, prepping for class, doing laundry, etc. 

It feels like it's just pitch black every morning ... until 8am on the nose.

When. Will. It. End? 

Soon, I think. November-something.


(Then I'll have something new to complain about: as it will be pitch black from 5pm on. Ha.)

PS: I hope you are having a great week. Our kids are on Fall Break and loving it. And to be honest, I am loving the lack of structure/schedules, too.

PPS: Dave and I are NOT on Fall Break, but we are good, too. Just not in any photos. Hahahaha.


Bam and Papaya went to a Spooky Spa event at our local library.
They made soaps, lip balms, and bathsalts.It was really neat.
PS: I learned to rotate photos, but this one still defaults portrait. UGH!

We picked out our pumpkins at our favorite pumpkin patch.

Jr. was the Wheelbarrow-Guy.
(Which is good because I still don't know how to operate one.
It's like calculus to me--just doesn't make sense.)

Bam, Papaya and Jr.

The pumpkin patch. That seems like a lot of pumpkins, no?

I took this photo for Elder Meehan--because he would normally be our photographer.
And I'd usually come home to find our memory card filled with random "mood" photos.

Jr. and the farm kitty.

This past Sunday morning (some of our kids were sick with colds). It was an origami Sunday.

We went to a Mexican restaurant last night and our kids all ordered chicken nuggets. What the what? HELP ME!

We went to our friend Abby's missionary talk at church. She's about
to leave on her full-time service mission for our church.

LuLu bought Harriet a pirate costume for Halloween. It's hilarious.

Elder Meehan sent photos of his area's service project.

Elder Meehan and other missionaries in his area, on a community service day.

Elder Meehan (still making silly faces).

A group of missionaries from his area. He's on the right.

Elder Meehan and his companion with someone from his area.

And a missionary "selfie"--which makes me immediately MISS the heck out of Elder Meehan.