Friday, October 18, 2013


(c) PNTS.

This cartoon pretty much sums up how I'm feeling this morning: I LOVE FRIDAYS!

--I love the end of a school/work-week.

--I love Friday Night Pizza Night and a movie.

--I love that our kids are on Fall Break and can sleep in today.

--I love that it's one weekend closer to Halloween.

--But most of all, I love that I slept last night from 10pm to 5am! It's a World Record for me this year. (Thanks to everyone who emailed tips. They helped.)

PS: As soon as I am camera-ready I will have to show you my new hair color. It's dark brown. As in DARK. BROWN. Like, right next to BLACK on the color wheel. (Hairdresser's daughter syndrome = when I get bored, I need a new hair color. True story.)

Have a great weekend.