Friday, October 04, 2013

In No Particular Order

I'm telling you, I have had the most random week. 

It's been filled with super fun moments, and then, totally wonky/weird/crabby moments.

And truthfully, the more I think about it, I think that's just normal life: 

it's random. 

One day up; one day down.

And so it goes.

At any rate, my point!

I wanted to post/share what I think are some of the most memorable parts of this week's randomness. Hopefully they make you/me smile--and help us all accept that "normal life" is simply filled with hilarious contradictions and contrasts.

And in the end: it's all good.

So, here's a sampling of my week's highs/lows:

1. Low: I had a dream that I went on American Idol and Simon Cowell told me any money I earned in the music business would be automatically given to CBS--because I was under contract with Survivor for my entire life.
What's the funniest part of this all? When I shared the dream with Dave, he told me, "Oh, that's totally funny because Simon Cowell isn't on American Idol anymore." Oh, yeah Dave, that was the whole point of this dream: to remember that Simon Cowell isn't on American Idol anymore. Hello! This was about me subconsciously thinking I'm attached to Survivor for the remainder of my days on Planet E. Duh. Didn't you read any dream interpretation books in college? Sheesh.

2. Low: I wasn't able to see any of our daughter Papaya's 3 volleyball games this week--because I was teaching/working.
Can I just say, I never ever realized there would be so much guilt associated with parenting. And just typing that gives me guilt--so I hope you're picking up what I'm laying down here.

3. High: Bam, Lu, Zu and I were able to make fun Bento Box lunches this week--for our whole family AND the local missionaries.

I'm telling you, this could easily become an obsession.
Just looking at this makes me laugh out loud.
For one, it's cute. And for two, who in the honk
shapes their rice into pumpkin shapes,
cuts seaweed paper eyes/mouth/nose, and makes a stem with soy sauce?
We do ... now.

 4. Low: I didn't work out one day this week.
Or last week, if we're being completely honest. I just don't have it in me. (That being said, I really do need to MOVE my body. I know from training for Survivor that you just FEEL so much better when your machine/body is in good working order.)

5. High: I am loving teaching this semester (BYU).

6. Just Plain Funny: We set limits on the number of text messages our teenagers can send each day (20 total).
And when we ran a report to see how one of them was doing, we learned she'd sent 650+ texts in a one week period! Her reply was the kicker: Is that more than 20 a day? (PS: For those of you with teens who have a lot of access to technology: take it from me, LIMIT their access and monitor their use. Like, make a major commitment to it. You will never be sorry. It's simply too too hard for a teenage brain to show self-restraint where technology/WWW are concerned. Trust me. I speak from experience.)

7. High: My friend John Cochran's new TV show, The Millers, premiered last night.
After the Survivor Caramoan finale', John was hired by CBS as a writer on this new sitcom. It's a dream come true for him (on top of a dream come true--winning the game). I'm genuinely happy for him--he is family to me. And it's an amazing thing he's done. (PS: It's also kind of funny in some ways, to see how MY brain thinks about this all. Like, "John got the million AND a job in Hollywood. And I got ... grief from everyone on Twitter." Oh, how the undisciplined mind wanders.)

8. High: Dave and the girls made spaghetti tacos last night.
(We love them, PS. And I mean, Dave, the girls, and the tacos!)

9. Low: Dave drove me bananas over something small this week, so I decided to make it something BIG. Just because. Yanno?
The positive here, Dave and I no longer lose our marbles like we used to in our early 20s--and we get over things much much sooner than we used to. (Psst: Remind me to tell you about the time he refused to have me drop him off at work ... so he "borrowed" Jay's BMX bike and rode 22 miles to work. In a suit. Through East Los Angeles! We certainly have been really good at pushing each others' buttons through the years. Hilarious, now that I think about it. Not so hilarious DURING the experiences.)

9. High: The Girl Scouts of Utah (Nathan) sent me a box of Thin Mints this week!
Love love love the Girl Scouts. Thank you!

Have a beautiful weekend.

PS: I realize that most of the things on this post are completely petty and not sincere "lows" in life. So, please know, most of this is tongue and cheek. I know that some of you reading this are facing real-life Goliaths/mountains right now. I take that seriously. And you're in my thoughts and prayers. Positive chi coming your way!  XO 

And, if you are up for some motivation, I'd like to share one of my favorite talks. It's by a world-wide leader in our church (, Dieter F. Uchtdorf, and called "The Hope of God's Light":