Monday, October 14, 2013

Lamentations On The Word EASY ...

I take the Easy Road when it comes to caramel apples.

Dave and I have been talking a lot this past month about the notion of "EASY."

In part, because my experience on Survivor taught me that taking the "easy" path in nearly every scenario is not a good thing (you gain muscle when you struggle--and that's a good thing in the big picture).

And in part, because Dave is reading a book where the first chapter is entitled, "The Pursuit of Easy Things Makes Men Weak."

Kinda hits ya in the face like a ton o' bricks, right?

Here all this time, I was thinking EASY was a good thing (Easy tests? Love them. Easy workout? Even better.)

But it turns out I was wrong.

We NEED resistance in life in order to build our strength and character.

Now, that being said, this notion of "easy = not-so-great"  doesn't necessarily apply to all life-situations.

Like, take caramel apples.

In this instance, taking the EASY road actually is a pretty AWESOME experience.

Sure, you can get out your candy thermometer, granulated sugar, and heavy cream. You can slowly tend and boil your sugary concoction. And then, you can coat your hand-picked Granny Smith apples with awesome homemade caramel.

OR ...

You can buy those sheets of pre-made, pre-cut caramel at your local grocer, and in literally 7 minutes, you have pretty AWESOME carmel apples.

So, as you can see, EASY isn't always a bad thing.

It just depends on the situation (short and long-term).


PS: I highly recommend adding candy to the outside of your caramel apples once the easy-peasy sheets of caramel have melted to the outside of the apple. Our kids put M&Ms and Snicker bars on theirs. (Over-the-top, I know. I think that's the point though.)

Our "Ode to Elder Meehan"--
the Little People (toddler toys) have a set made to look like
Mormon missionaries. Is that a riot?
Lu made a little pumpkin out of clay to
add to their display this month. This just cracks
me up. And makes me want a set of Little People
for every major religion (Little People nuns, a Little People Dalai Lama, etc.).