Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Lucky Dog

Harriet on a walk yesterday in our neighborhood.
She's wearing a Halloween friendship bracelet (tied to her collar).
Bam made it for her.
The kids have matching ones, PS.

There's a reason this expression exists:


Because seriously, some dogs are so dang LUCKY.

They've hit the cosmic lottery and have found tender-loving-care in literally every interaction they have here on Planet E. (In addition to a pretty sweet arrangement when it comes to work/life/family balance. We're talking stress-free living at its finest.)

And I'm pretty certain our dog Harriet would back me up on this one--IF she could talk.

Because I have never seen a dog so cherished by its owners. 

All 6 of our kids--Elder Meehan, Bam, Papaya, Jr, Zu and Lu--SHOWER this dog with love. It is nothing short of incredible.

She's a 5 year-old mixed "something" terrier and I'm not sure she's ever known a day when someone hasn't cradled her like a baby and told her how beautiful or smart or special she was/is.

And observing this phenomenon got me thinking: animals really do teach us a lot about how to treat one another.

And then I went to the library with the kids and saw this book, "A Streetcat Named Bob" on display. The cover had a photo of the owner and his tabby cat. And from the look of the cat's expression in the photo, I was thinking, "Oh, that's one LUCKY CAT." Kinda like our LUCKY DOG.

So I checked the book out, read it over the weekend, and realized that I was onto something that pretty much the entire human civilization already knew ... like a thousand years ago:

Pets have the ability to be incredible companions, teaching us all kinds of "life lessons."

Cool beans.

I had an epiphany about something pretty much everyone already knew. 

That is SO ME.

Anyway, my points!

1. I appreciate how much I have learned from watching our kids care for their pets.
They are much better pet-owners than I ever was at their age--and hopefully that translates into some awesome future abilities to care for all living beings. Right?

2. I learned a lot from the book, "A Streetcat Named Bob."
Mainly, that most of us are kinder to pets on first encounter than we are to one another/humans. (The author is a former drug addict/homeless/street performer, and once he brings his cat Bob with him places, people go out of their way to engage and express kindness toward the duo. It's amazing.)

3. Pets aren't all rainbows and lollipops.
Even though I love Harriet, Sweet Harriet (yes, movie ref), I still can't stand cleaning up after her. So it's not all awesome-sauce. But I guess that's part of the life-lesson, too:

Life. Is. Beautiful. And. Messy.

(And the more pets you have, the more beautiful AND more messy it is. Especially if you have a guinea pig. Then it's WAY messy. I'm jussayin'.)

Have a great day.

Harriet, Zu, Bam and Lu--on a morning walk yesterday.