Thursday, October 03, 2013

Viva La BENTO!

No, I didn't make this BENTO lunchbox. BUT ... I'm on a mission to make one today!

I love that there are whole communities dedicated to subjects I know literally nada about.

Take the Bento Box.

I think it's a Japanese thing. (Yes, I could google it, but it's way more fun to just guess. Besides, I don't need to KNOW everything, yanno? Ha.)

Anyway, my point!

I think the Bento Box is a type of box used for holding regular school lunches/work lunches?

But if you spend any time searching "Bento Box" on Pinterest, I'm telling you, it's SO SO MUCH MORE!

Now, I've made one before. About 3 years ago we did a panda rice Bento thingy for the kids' school lunches.

I loved it. So much so, I photographed it. (How else Dave know that I'd painstakingly hand-crafted cheese and rice into random shapes?)

I think the kids thought it was cool ...

but I also think they were worried their mom was losing her marbles. (Which I was ... and still am. PS.)

Besides, who has this much time on their hands?

Not me.

But I'm making time today--because the Bento Box just cracks me up every time I look at it.

It's like seeing a photo of a kitten or baby sheep: it just plain cracks me up.

It's my version of Comedy Central.

So, stay tuned ... I'm getting my rice-shaping skills ON today.