Saturday, October 12, 2013

When A Black Cat Crosses Your Path ...

Zu with Spooks the Black Himalyan.
You can call it a coincidence.

But I'm telling you, this kinda stuff happens to us ALL THE TIME!

And it's just one of the ways that I know the Universe has a cosmic pull that binds us all together (aka--That there's a power greater than us governing things.).

So here's my story ...

Tuesday we picked up a Halloween Bingo card from the library and one of the squares said, "SEE A BLACK CAT" (Along with "MAKE CARMEL APPLES" and "READ 20 MINUTES, etc.).

And the very next morning--not even 12 hours later--I walked outside to find our cat (City Kitty/Whitney) in a turf war with a POOFY BLACK Himalayan.

And since then the POOFY BLACK Himalayan, whom we now call "Spook," has come back every day for a visit, some kibble, and a drink of water--on the house.

It is nothing short of hilarious, wonderful--and somewhat spooky. No?

I love when things like this happen in life. It's awesome.

PS: I forgot how funny Himalayan cats look--compared to typical "City Kitties." They are like Hammerhead Sharks with fur. And if they've been on the lamb for a while, they're hair is like, EVERYWHERE. Seriously--it's so fun(ny). Spook has a serious case of bed head, and I love it.

Here's to more Close Encounters of the AWESOME Kind--for us all.

Happy Saturday!

Anyone have a spare brush and some detangler?