Friday, November 08, 2013

An Evening In Excellence

 Once a year the youth program for the young women in our church celebrates the girls' accomplishments with a program called An Evening In Excellence.

The goal is to honor the different activities, hobbies, sports, and other good works the girls are accomplishing--as well as encourage them to pursue new goals in the coming year. (And each girl puts out a small display of projects they have worked on during the year. Papaya put out her school books, a volleyball, and some writings. Bam put out her song-writing journal and a CD of her singing.)

The program is always BEAUTIFUL and truly inspiring.

This year Bam was part of a musical number that was incredible. And Papaya gave a talk that made us so proud. 

As I sat and watched them both I thought to myself,
"When in the world did they stop wearing size 2T? Where did our 'babies' go?"

Life moves so fast. Holy cow.

Thank you to all of the Young Women leaders who prepared for the program. It was AWESOME. Right out of a Pinterest post!

Musical number. Bam = far right.

Papaya and her BFF.
(This is an older photo--I was too nervous to take photo of
her during her talk. We were seated in the front row and
I thought it would make her nervous.)

Table displaying everyone's achievements during the year.

One of our favorite young women needlepointed this image of the Temple.
You can't see the detail, but the thread is silver-glitter. Incredible.

And the treats were pink lemonade and SWEET--to follow the theme: SEEK THE SWEET.

PS: Have a great weekend! 

We're excited for ours--we're going to a dance at my BFF Janae's home AND two baptisms.
Can I get a Whoop-Whoop!