Friday, November 22, 2013

I Am SO Grateful ...

I am so grateful for days like yesterday.

It wasn't anything special, in fact someone else may even call it a boring day.

But for me, it was perfect.

We were able to do the things we needed to (work and school), but still spend time together, laugh, make food we love, and just BE.

It was awesome.

And it was made even awesome-r by the addition of our toddler friend Chico. (Chico's mom--and whole family--are super special to us. Like family.)

Anyway, my point!

We're so glad Whitt and Jason were willing to share Chico with us yesterday. We'd forgot (forgotten?) what it was like to have a mini-person running around the house. I'm telling you, it's pretty hilarious. There's just something funny about having a person who is slightly taller that the dog tell you to "Let ME smash the beans" as you make dinner.

Chico and LuLu.

PS: If you are new to the blog, Chico's mom, Whittney, was my back-up Loved One for Survivor both times I played. And fortunately during Caramoan, CBS/Sprint flew BOTH of our Loved Ones out to the game/Philippines. 

It was mind-blowing for all of us. Dave-man and Whittney were able to tour Tribal Council, paddleboard in the Philippines, boat past our campsites, and spend time with the other players' family members (Cochran's mom and dad; Andrea's mom and sister, etc.).  

I'm so grateful for that part of the Survivor experience--to have both Dave-man and Whitt there on the island.

It's a memory I will always always be grateful for. (And yes, I'm ending a sentence with "for.")