Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Throwback Wednesday

Lu and Zin playing with snow ... inside the bathtub, in 2010.
(Much warmer than playing IN the snow outside.)

I've been down with the flu this week, so I haven't been able to blog (or eat, PS).

But I think I've turned a corner. Phew.

And now I'm excited because I realize that it's almost Thanksgiving! (And Hannukah--which is unusual. First time in 125 years that they overlap.)

The holidays are almost here and I am loving it.

PS: CBS is participating in the American Red Cross fundraiser for the Philippines tonight. Several Survivors in the LA-area are going to be part of the phone-manning: Cochran, Phillip Sheppard, Malcolm, etc. 

I am so happy they are helping raise funds for the people impacted by Typhoon Yolanda. We filmed our season of Survivor Caramoan there, and Survivor has filmed 4 seasons there total, so we love the Filipino people and their beautiful country/islands. 

I love the Philippines and pray for their healing.