Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coincidence? I Think Not!

I find it hilarious that just last week I was questioning the value of my daily blogging/posting.

And then two days later, my URL hosting service tried to renew my URL registration ... only the credit card on file was not the same card I had a year ago (Thanks to Target's security breach, I was issued a new card in December.).

So ... my site was deactivated.  


And when I tried to correct this by logging into my account and giving them the new card number, I realized I had no recollection of my user name and password.

Which led me to about 55 minutes of investigative work.

Which led me to nowhere. Literally. Even phoning the company was a little like talking in circles.

And so today, I wait. And blog--literally--only for myself.

(Until I can get the blog URL active again.)

It's so funny to me--the timing of this mishap. It's like I get to really see how much this journal-ing is just for me. Ha!

In the meantime, here are some photos from this past week/weekend:

Bam went on a retreat for the young women that was SNOW-based. They snow-shoed, went to THIS amazing ice castle in Midaway (icecastles.com), had donuts and hot chocolate, heard motivational talks, and stayed in cabin overnight.

PS: This is a real shot she took of Olaf from Frozen, carved from ice/snow.

Another shot from the ice castle visit.

Elder Meehan wrote us--and he's doing great. Feeling better and asking for prayers for a church member there that has been super kind to the missionaries. He had surgery last week that did not go well. Now he's on a ventilator. Elder Meehan is super-concerned for him. And asks for us to pray for this man. (Didn't want to name due to privacy.)

PS: Shortest I've seen his hair since he was a toddler. For real.

Elder Meehan said he has a new best friend ... the mail carrier. LOL!

It's chilly in Indiana. *understatement*

He and his companion came across this sign at a home they were visiting. Kinda funny.

Miracle of miracles:

My friend Julie helped create an orphanage for disabled children in Ghana.

Elder Meehan's long-time friend is serving his mission in Ghana.

So guess who Julie ran into while she was there this past week: ELDER G--Elder Meehan's friend! Truly, it's a miracle--there are hundreds of missionaries there).

And she posted this photo without making the connection, knowing that we know and love him.

Amazing, right?

Here's Julie--on the far L.

Love her.

A photo of Ghananian coast.

I've started making my own croutons (using my bread).

First batch here: basil and oregano w/ olive oil and salt/pepper.

We had a friend come over and Camry "sat" with her. 

My BFF Janae made and designed these incredible tea-party thingys.

She bought the plates at antique and thrift stores. Her neighbor did the drilling with a diamond bit and water. She bought the hardware on Amazon.

Cool, right?

And Sunday we heard an awesome lesson at church about how we are all welcome in God's church--because we are all there to learn and grow.

Perfect isn't possible.