Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy NEW Year!

I love new beginnings. Love them. And I am super excited for this NEW YEAR. Plus 2014 just feels like a good number to me--even-Steven.

Here's hoping you and your family have a blessed and peaceful 2014. I know the year will bring challenges, but I pray we all face them with courage and support.


Here are some photos (Yes, some blurry. ABCs of me.) of our last day in 2013:

Dave and I stayed up and celebrated with our 5th graders, Lu and Zu. 

Lu was WIDE AWAKE the whole night.

Zu was WIDE AWAKE the whole night.
Harriet was not loving the fireworks (Utah still sells them for this holiday.)

Our teenagers went to an AWESOME New Year's Eve Dance at church.

Bam and her friend N at the dance.
(Nice to know someone else takes blurry photos with their iPhone. LOL.)

During the day we played volleyball with the missionaries and friends from our congregation.

And the kids also played dodgeball with the Stepensons. (I had to pass. Last time I took a ball to the throat. For real.)


PS: Elder Meehan continues to serve his mission and is learning, growing, and loving the experience. He sent us this photo last week--of he and other missionaries in his area.