Monday, February 10, 2014

Where Was I Again?

It's still hard for me to get in the routine of blogging daily right now, but I don't want too much time to pass because I know that's one way to definitely feel overwhelmed and STOP doing things we love.

So, I'm thinking I'll just post as often as I am able and eventually time will change and I'll be back to daily blogging.

Since the last time I posted, a lot has and hasn't happened. Here's my overview:

1.) A BYU student passed away while snow-shoeing this weekend. An avalanche happened while they were out. Completely unexpected--and not super large. But enough to take her life. Our university is a close-knit community and something like this is a definite difficult thing for students, faculty and families. My prayers and thoughts are with the many people impacted by her passing. So hard.

2.) Our friend Bill is still hospitalized and trying to extend the time he has with family by taking some experimental medicines. Thankfully his insurance has approved the treatment (Which is $10,000.00--but his co-pay is $30.00). While it won't cure his cancer, it may help give him precious weeks with his loved ones. And his son was able to obtain a short-term release from his full-time missionary service in order to see his father. I know it has been a super beautiful time for their whole family to be united and facing this experience together. (His son was his bone marrow donor, so they have been in this battle together. I'm grateful for Elder C's mission president and his willingness to allow him to return home temporarily. He is serving in Germany, PS.)

3.) On a happy note, our family is turning a corner on the sicknesses that have been with us for the last 10+ days. I'm without a speaking voice, Dave has a fever, and 2 of the kiddos cannot breath out of their noses, but we are all feeling much much better. PHEW.

4.) Elder Meehan will move missionary service locations this week. We are anxious to see where he moves and hear about the experience. It will be his first time "transferring" on his mission (which is unusal--he's been in one area for 7+ months). The experiences on a mission are so profound. I am convinced that every person on the planet should have this experience, or something equivalent. It's life-changing.

5.) It's Valentine's week ... and we are feelin' the love. We even made a craft (which is totally not me--not a crafter, despite the Mormon stereotype).

6.) On another fun note, the kids are each taking turns planning, shopping, and preparing a dinner now. Last week Bam, Zu, and Lu were on it. This week Jr. and Papaya are on it. The dinners have been great, and I'm realizing that it's probably way more important to teach them how to prepare a balanced (on budget) meal than to hog all of the kitchen fun to myself (Which is super hard for me. I love to cook.).

7.) I'm on my 5th week of healthy eating and trying to be more mindful of not overeating. This has not been something I've shared on the blog, because it seems shallow and wonky, but since I played Survivor twice in 10 months, my metabolism is shot. It probably doesn't help that I am in my 40s, too. But the whole point is this: after the 2nd time I played the game, I gained 25% of my body weight again. Translation = I weigh more now than I ever have in my entire life. Boooooooooo! BUT, there's a light at the end of the tunnel--because I realized that I didn't want this to continue, so I "woke up" and made the commitment to be healthier. Not to be a size 0, but to avoid soda and juices, to exercise at least 3-4 times a week, to eat smaller portions, and to just really eat things that are colorful and healthy. And so far, it's working. I'm not losing at Survivor-speed (33lbs in 39 days), but in one month I have lost 10 lbs. And that seems like a good, realistic approach. So, that's been a positive for me.

8.) Bam earned a really big award at church for a goal-setting a service program we have for the Young Women. It's equivalent to an Eagle Scout for boys. We are really proud of her.

9.) We are trying to have a meatless day each week--in an effort to reduce the amount of meat we eat. (We'd read something about the number of animals each American eats a year and decided we could at least cut back a little.) Anyway, I made the World's Worst Soup in an effort to kick off the new idea. Nothing bums me out more than making something that tastes so yucky. SO YUCKY. I feel an obligation to just eat it rather than waste it, but man, what a bummer. (In a First World Problem Way.)

10.) Harriet-the-Dog had to have her teeth cleaned at the vet. This has always felt like an extravagance to me, but she is only 5 and we realized in the last week she had lost 2 or 3 teeth! So I figured there was an infection or something? Anyway, they did do the exam and cleaning and learned she had 2 more teeth that needed removal due to infection and root exposure. Nuts, right? Well, thankfully, we were able to do the procedure and she seems like the happiest dog ever. I wonder how long she was in pain? Eeek. (PS: If you have watched Survivor, you know teeth are a sensitive subject for me; I've lost 4 of my own, so I go to great lengths to make sure our kids/family have better dental experiences than me. It just makes such a difference. So that was my main motivation for helping Harriet get hers fixed.)

11.) And finally, we watched some of the Olympics this weekend and loved it. My favorite is still the Russian Policemen singing "Get Lucky." I don't know that I understood the "why" or "what" that all meant, but I could watch the video clip for hours. If you haven't seen it, Google it. Promise, worth the smile.

Have a beautiful day. Off to exercise. (JOY. LOL!)