Friday, April 25, 2014


The kids just finished Spring Break and I just finished a semester of teaching, and it has made realize how thankful I am for endings AND new beginnings.

And it also makes me thankful that spring and summer are on their way. There's just something INCREDIBLE about spending more time outside AFTER a pretty long winter indoors.

And with that tiny bit of update, here are some of this week's photos.

The one thing this week's photos have in common: they all make me feel HEAVEN here on earth. (Even the few spooky pics remind me that life is incredible.)


Have a beautiful weekend. Much love, Dawn

PS: Thank you to the woman who spoke with me at the doctor's office this week and gave me tons of help with Zu's hair. It was like a revelation, talking to someone who actually had the same hair as Zu. I learned a ton and am stoked to try the new shampoo and stuff on her hair (see below pix--after using new shampoo and conditioner).

Sometimes life is insanely beautiful--even when it feels pretty ordinary.

Zu and her new hair product (PS: "Carols Daughter").

The tiny start to our first official family garden.
(Still a little too cold to plant most things here in Utah.)

The box that Dave built.
(Not a coffin, PS. He built us a garden box! So excited to fill it with soil.)

My new favorite book. (One of 2000 favorites.)

Elder Meehan and his companion with a sister he baptized on his mission. We heart her!

Eeek, a door that needs repair--in his mission area.

Missionary Service Project (cleaning up a neighborhood).

Eating out with the other missionaries in his ward/congregation.

He and his companion on Service Day.

Dinner at a member's home. They are so blessed to be welcomed into homes for meals.
(PS: This family has a tradition that a new missionary wears a sombrero.)

Easter Sunday Dinner (this family served all 6 missionaries!).

Out in the neighorhood.

The neighborhood where he serves. Spring is arriving.

Elder Meehan and Elder L.

Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday--that's a lot of food on those plates!

Easter Sunday.

The home across the street from where Elder Meehan lives is vacant ...
well, if you don't count the possum living in the attic.

My absolute TWO favorite scents: cocoa butter (for making homemade skin stuff) and coconut (for making granola).

Zu and Lu had a recognition night at church this week. The kids all displayed 3 talents they are working on. It was awesome.

Dave and Zu. (This is her last year in this group--she'll be moving onto the teen group soon!)

Janae's sweet daughter.

Such amazing little people. The best part: all genuinely happy smiles.

Zu and Ashley's daughter.

Lu and Zu.

Waiting for the program to begin.

Activity Day Group (name of the group).

Refreshments (there were SO many--this is just one table).

For Earth Day we went to IFA and checked out the chicks.

Why are chickens so cute when they are small ... and less cute when they are older? Is that just me?

A book I read last week that was interesting--focused on slowing down and living a less technology-based life.

Our neighbors accidentally dropped their doll ... kinda scary to find while I was weeding.


I got this sweet bag to use at church to shchelp all my things ... and it was only $1.99!
My mom and dad sent me this really neat looking baking book by Sandra Bullock's sister (she has a name, and yes, I forgot it). THANKS MOM AND DAD.

Oh my! And then it was Easter, too! Man, I should blog more than once a week.

We had a really great Easter. A low-key day, but super great to spend time with family and think about the Savior and rebirth and starting anew, and forgiving people/ourselves. It was great.

Hope yours was great too.

Saying goodbye to two of our favorite elders--they are done with their 2 years of service!
It's nice for us to get to know the missionaries in our area because it helps us feel close to Elder Meehan.

Hunting for eggs ... with Harriet.

Our neighbor came by with eggs for the kids. Spookly-fun. Right?

More egg-hunting.