Friday, April 04, 2014

Playing Ketchup

Okay, where did my week go?

I know it seems to be a theme for 2014 (time flying by), but I'm telling ya, I can't get over how quickly the weeks are passing right now. I think it must have something to do with the kids being in their early teen and teenage years: our lives are just packed with activities.
And that's a good thing--but I do miss blogging, so I have to find the time to journal/blog more regularly. Once a week just makes it so hard to catch up on all the week's happenings. So, today I'm going to at least post photos and get that bit of our lives documented.

Here's the first week of April 2014 at the Gnome Home/Meehan fam.
PS: Happy almost Bday mom and Bam!

Elder Meehan's photos from this week in the mission field.

There are not a lot of trees where we live in Utah, so Elder Meehn has been LOVING the full-grown trees in the area where he serves.

Preparation Day in the mission field. (Other missionaries in his area--they all meet for b-ball and dodgeball.)

Elder Meehan with two of his leaders in the mission field.

His ward had an activity last week and he was in charge of a game table. (Which cracked him up because I think this is the Mormon version of beer pong. Don't ask how I know that. Okay, ask. Survivor Ponderosa. Lot of people play Beer Pong after the game ends.)

A new missionary in his area--who happened to be a Survivor fan.
(Oh, man! A little embarrassing.)

Zu, Lu, and Bam are into making a lot of videos this week: in SLO-MO. It's pretty funny.

Our sweet friend Abby made this collage of her friends who are currently serving missions all over the world. It's awesome!

And a very kind church member sent us this photo after having Elder Meehan and Elder L over to dinner this week.
They were able to "man" the grill--which it looks like they loved. So many people support them in the area. It's pretty phenomenal and humbling. Neat to think no matter where you go in the world, you have a built-in support network.

PPS: Hope you have a great weekend. We are looking forward to getting some projects done at home and listening to the April General Conference for our church (A world-wide conference that happens every October and April. It's broadcast on the internet or we can attend in person here in Salt Lake City--or listen via radio/satellite. It's an awesome time for us to hear from church leaders and recommit ourselves to strengthen our faith. We love it. Plus, we don't have formal church service on Gen Conference weekend, so that's a fun change.) for more info!