Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Well ... HELLO!

Yes, my eyes are GIGANTIC. But it's kinda my signature feature. Well, that and my Jay Leno/Grandma Dotty underbite.
But my point! See ... I'm still here!

I know most university students dread Finals Week, but I guarantee you their teachers LOVE Finals Week.

Why? Because while our students are studying and taking exams, we have a tiny reprieve from classroom teaching. AND it's the one time in our lives when we can justifiably lock ourselves in our offices--without interruption--and read student papers. It's AWESOME.

I really REALLY love Finals Week. (And my students at BYU. I feel really fortunate to teach there.)

Now, about blogging ...

It's been a few months since I've posted consistently, but I am still in that "meh" mode when it comes to sitting down to blog each day.

BUT I'm trying to accept this phase and just remember, "sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes you don't." This is just a time in my life when it is a little harder to get the time/motivation to blog daily. And so it is.

That being said, I'm still taking photos and hopefully those can fill the gap until I'm ready to write more often.

I hope you are having a great Easter and Passover week. I love love love Easter because it means SPRING is coming and it means we get to celebrate the Savior's resurrection and our own ability to begin anew--be reborn--each and every day. 

Now, for This Week in Pictures:

Elder Meehan's Missionary plaque hanging in our ward building.

Elder Meehan and two other missionaries (the one on the R. was one of his companions, Elder L).

Bam and her friend went to the BYU Ballroom Dance Company's performance on Friday for her birthday celebration.

A lot of glow-in-the-dark numbers. So amazing.

A tic-tac-toe number.

More from the performance. Neat for me to see also: two of my students are on the traveling team.
(And they are married. So cute, right?)

Bam and one of our favorite small people--on Bam's bday.

Just before the performance began.

Two of Bam's favorite bday gifts.

At the Ballroom Performance, standing outside the Marriott Center (beautiful Bam, beautiful mountains).

Bday morning.

The wonky faces run in the family.
(And it secretly makes me happy.)

Bam's untraditional bday cake. She doesn't like cake or cupcakes. This made her happy though!

Just before the church dance on Saturday night. Jr, Bam and Papaya.
(Grandmas--Bam bought this dress with the bday money you sent.)

Bam and her YW leaders Sunday evening at the Young Women Stake Recognition Night.
Bam earned her YW Medallion. It was AWESOME.

I made mango chicken over coconut rice in my crockpot. I know food photos are wonky, but the color of the food makes me happy!

"Y Mountain" on the last day of classes. Woo hoo! 

PS: Because it's Easter, I thought I would post this 3 minute clip our church just released on YouTube and LDS.org about Jesus and his incredible ministry/impact on humanity.
I love it! It's called #BecauseOfHim and you can view it here: