Friday, May 09, 2014

20 Things I Love About My Mom ...

Jo-Jo, my mommy-o.

I am super grateful to have the mom I do. She is beautiful and generous and funny and smart and truly a great mom.

And because I don't get to spend the actual Mother's Day holiday with her, I want to make sure and share with her (and our kids) 20 (of the many) reasons why I love being Joanne's daughter. PS: I'll begin with the cliche' things because it makes me feel like I am 6 and that cracks me up:

Top 20 Reasons I Love Being Joanne's Daughter

1. She is a great cook.
(Ribs, spaghetti sauce, eggs, tacos, potatoes/bell peppers/onions, salads of all sorts--which feature mayo or olives, cakes ....)

2. She and my dad make a cute couple.
(They are really good to each other and have endured a lot over the years, but they are still best friends and each others' one and only.)

3. She is creative.
(Our home, clothes, and lives reflect her creativity.)

4. I have vivid memories of her coloring with me as a kid.
(Which is funny because I don't like to color as an adult. In fact, I think my mom still colors with our kids. She's a hands-on mom and grandma.)

5. She doesn't use her cellphone very often at all.
(I may be one of the few kids whose mom doesn't really use her cellphone. It's kinda funny. If I wanna reach my mom, I usually call my dad's cellphone.)

6. She likes to talk and listen to people.
(She cares deeply about people.)

7. She let me color my hair beginning in Jr. High.
(She's a hairdresser, so there was more wiggle room.)

8. She's a home-team fan.
(And when I say "home team," I mean she's fiercy loyal to her kids. She's a lioness when it comes to protecting and providing for her kids.)

9. She is talented.
(My mom has a great sense of humor. She is always telling jokes and laughing. She also has a beautiful singing voice--which I am pretty sure she only passed on to one of her kids. And it isn't my brother. Ha!)

10. She likes to entertain.
(I cannot begin to tell you how many parties my mom and dad have hosted over the years. Probably in the 1000s. Parties for our family, their friends, my friends .... PS: I love that music and food are always BOTH at these parties.)

11. She is a great mom. And she taught herself to be a great mom--after not having a super positive mom in her own life.
(Kinda personal here, but I want our kids to know that just because life starts hard doesn't mean it ends hard--and grandma showed us that first-hand. You may not have control over your past, but you have control over your future. And while my mom had an INCREDIBLE grandma who raised her, she really did learn to be a good mom on her own. And she avoided passing on the negative she experienced to her children. And I think this is extra-ordinary. She is one strong soul/mind/woman.)

12. My mom is bold.
(My mom taught me to endure hard things and be bold when I need/needed/believed in something. If I hadn't read about Women's Rights in school, I would have never known women were held back in society--any society--because my mom taught me to believe that all things are possible. For everyone.)

13. My mom likes jewlery.
(Translation = I learned to dress up for special occassions AND life in general--and it's fun and SO MY MOM. I don't even know if my mom realizes this, but to this day, when our kids go to her home, they want to walk in her closet and see her jewelry.)

14. My mom (and and dad) gave me a beautiful wedding.
(This sounds so shallow, but I want to make sure my mom knows how grateful I am for Dave/my wedding. My parents didn't have a wedding reception or party for themselves, but I really did get to have a beautiful start to my life with Dave.)

15. She taught me to laugh even when life is hard.
(My mom finds humor even when things around her are hard. And I think her laugh taught me that everything really is going to be okay. Like the time I feel out of our car while she was driving. A maroon Nova, PS. By the time I dusted myself off and met her at the light--she'd kept driving--she was laughing so hard she couldn't breathe. At the time, this seemed odd to me, but as a mom myself now, I GET it: she was just glad I was okay.)

16. She is a hard-worker.
(I really have hardly ever seen her miss work. In 40+ years, I bet she has missed work less than 6 days. For reals! She once broke her foot, had it cast, and went to work the next day. And she's a hairdresser, so imagine standing on a broken foot for 12 hours THE DAY AFTER having it cast.)

17. She is good to her aging family.
(My mom and dad helped take care of her Grandma FT before she passed away--and now she helps care for my Great Uncle.)

18. She likes music and dancing.
(I love music because she filled our home with it.)

19. She let me quit the accordian.
(I should also mention that she made me take the accordian, too. Mom! Who does that? No one on the North American continent, I'll tell ya that.)

20. She won the Grand Showcase on The Price Is Right.
There's a game-show legacy for the women in our family, and it began with my mom. For reals! And I just love this about my mom: she tried out for The Price is Right when I was 5ish and she WON the Grand Showcase (trip to Tahiti, furniture, the maroon Nova, and more.) I didn't know much about what that meant at the time, but today I realize that being cast on that show demonstrated her personality and specialness. The casting people saw something extra-ordinary in her, and that's pretty cool: I have an extra-ordinary mom.

And with that, I want to wish my mom and Happy Mother's Day.

I love you mom.

I am so grateful to be your daughter.

PS: If Dane one-ups me this year with some poem or homemade tacos, I am going to be so torked.

Happy Mother's Day!


PS: Here are this week's photos. (And I should mention, we get to have a phone call with Elder Meehan on Mother's Day. Woo hoo! We haven't spoken to him since Christmas Day, so this is super exciting!)

I made 4 loaves of bread for friends this week ... and while they were cooling on a rack, our cat Whitney ATE one.
I have made bread for almost 10 years and we have never had a cat eat a loaf of bread.
We think she found some catnip at the neighbor's and came home HUNGRY!

Elder Meehan was transferred to a new city in Indiana ... and a sweet local church member took this photo of him at the "transfer meeting" (all the missionaries meet every 6 weeks and are reassigned to various areas).

He's SO handsome!

A neighbor posted this on her fb page and I don't think I have laughed that hard in a while.

It's almost bathing suit season, so I thought I'd put on some extra LBs. Yanno, keepin' it real.

And this is Elder Meehan just before he left his last area--with a family/man they have been visiting.
It makes me so grateful to see him smile this big.
And to see him holding hands with this man.