Saturday, May 03, 2014

So Glad It's May!

Reasons I am SO Glad It's May

1. April felt like one LONG month.

2. Mother's Day is in May and we are grateful for a lot of amazing moms/women in our lives (our moms, birthmoms, grandparents ...).

3. It's our Aunt Beth's bday. (And she is a RAD Aunt.)

4. It's getting warmer--and we have had one LONG winter. Holy crap it has been a lotta colder days in a row. For a lotta months in a row. BRING THE HEAT.

5. Cinco de Mayo is in May(o)!

Hope you are having a great May, too! XOXO, Dawn

PS: This week's photos are a collage of my current mania wth sewing and trying to be like Eve on Alaska's Last Frontier, our awesome neighbors, and Elder Meehan's week in the mission field.

Our neighbors built this incredible Mini-Library. Cool, right?
(PS: it's a company! You can register your library with them--or even buy the library via them.)

I am making my own vanilla.
(Like I said, my current obsession with Alaska's Last Frontier has something to do with this.)

Our friends left us these pink lemonade cookies--which were 1500 calories per cookie--
so I ate 2.
I blame my dad for this sweet tooth.
(Maybe I need to just own some of these obsessions.)

I watched a short video last week on how to make our kids a skirt with a yard of fabric ...

so of course I had to make them. Okay, a few of them.

I got this coconut oil because it was on sale and it reminded me of Ozzy from Survivor.
Funny how Survivor is such a major imprint in my life.

Lu and Zu are growing cucmbers from seed. Man, seedlings are fragile.
Metaphor coming ...

Jr. and Papaya went to an etiquette night for school and loved it. They ate snails
(I can't spell the French word for it. No spellchecking this AM. Sorry!).
Funny photo for the drive to an etiquette night, right? The girl on the left wasn't listening when Dear Abby went over the "Behavior Becoming of a Lady."

More skirts.

More skirts.
(My favorite part of this is that we made the skirt to match the shirt. And Zu even wore it to church, which apparently struck some random person as odd ... so much so, that he stopped her and said "Why is Spiderman at church?"

To which my overprotective motherly instinct replied, "Boy are you a nurturing neighbor.  SHE'S at church--who cares that Spiderman came with her. [Jerkface.]"

(The jerkface part was just in my head, PS.)

More skirts.
(I haven't sewn in years and it has been so fun.)

Elder Meehan and a neighbor
(he's been fortunate to live near this man for a few months--in two different transfers.)

Elder Meehan cleaning a church building (he has always loved vacuums--since he could walk).

Elder Meehan and his companion doing some service (again, machines--he is in heaven, I'm sure.).

With a family he's met in Indiana. He loves them.

Service day with his companion (who's from Alaska--so I bet he knows the Eve from Alaska's Last Frontier. Hahaha!)

Visiting Sister B.

And being well-fed by the kind people in Indiana.