Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day to MY Dad!

My brother, my nephew, and MY Dad.

Happy Father's Day Dad!

I love you and hope it's a great day.
You deserve it.

PS: Here are some of the things I love about my dad:

* He loves to read/learn.

* He is a hard worker.
In addition to having a super long commute for a good chunk of his working years, he also woke up at about 4-5am six days a week for work. And I really can't think of time when he missed work. I know he probably had a sick day or two--appendicitis--but other than that, he was completely devoted to his work.

* He and my mom are best friends and equal partners in life.
My brother and I were born in the 1970s--when many women were just beginning to work more and more outside the home. My mom and dad managed to balance a great family/work life for our family.

* He is a great grandpa.
I don't think my parents ever imagined they'd have 10 grandchildren, but they are super grandparents, so it makes perfect sense! Our kids love visiting grandpa/grandma's house and spending time with my dad (and mom).

* He loves animals.
Horses, his dog Jordy, the bear on his hillside .... My dad loves animals. And I think his love for animals says a lot about his attitude toward life and people. He's super kind and very good to people/animals.

* He's a great caretaker.
As our family has gotten older, my mom and dad have helped to care for many of our older grandparents and great-uncle--and my dad has been super-loving to the relatives on my mom's side of the family. I will always remember him taking my Great Grandma a McDonald's combo on the day she passed away. She hadn't eaten "regular" food for most of the time her health was in decline, but on that day, she and my dad had a pretty fun lunch. It makes me smile to think he last meal was McDonald's with my dad.

* He's a "self-made" man.
(This goes for both of my parents--being self-made.) My dad's father passed away when my dad was just 5 years old (On the first day of Kindergarten.). The years that followed were difficult for everyone in the family, resulting in my dad leaving home in his middle teenage years to pursue a career as a jockey (he was shorter then!). I think it's incredible to see the life and family my parents have built with virtually no one to fall back on. Most of what they have learned, and the people they have become, is a result of their own hard work and desire. And it's an inspiration to me.

* He loves to eat healthy.
We kind of joke about this in our home, but my dad really rarely eats for pleasure. Food is kinda like a battery for him. Just fuel. I mean, obviously he likes some things (fish, rice ...), but it's not normal I tell ya! (PS: Exceptions to this: he does have a pretty good sweet tooth every now and again.)

* He's super thoughtful.
My dad is super compassionate. He's the person you call when you want someone to SHARE what you are going through or feeling--because he tends to FEEL what others are feeling. In some cases, this translates to a kind of worry that is probably not super helpful for HIM/his health, but it sure does make others feel loved and supported. And it's something I am grateful I have in my life as an example of how to respond to others.

Dad, I love you so very much. There is so much more to who you are, and the memories I carry in my mind about you. But these are the major things I love about you.

I am so thankful to have you as my dad.


My mom and dad.