Friday, June 27, 2014


Summertime is definitely our favorite time of year here in Utah--especially when we get to spend time in the mountains, on the lake, in the pool ... or on ropes' courses! (Sidenote: It's not all unicorns and rainbows ... we have boring summer days, too. Promise. They just don't photograph as well. LOL.)

Bam and Harriet at the lake near our home.

Jr, Papaya, Bam, Lu, and Zu at our ward's Youth Conference
(2-day church camp in the mountains = INCREDIBLE).

The youth group, their amazing (and cool!) leaders, outside the cabin where they stayed (boys were in tents; girls in cabins). Here they are listening to a speaker (me!).

The youth group went to Park City, Utah and ran this incredible ropes' course. Two levels--super high and difficult.
Isn't that amazing? (PS: That's the US Olympic bobsled track nearby. They were able to also watch the alpine ski team practice. They land their jumps in a POOL!)

We think Elder Meehan is also loving summer (Especially after that COLD Indiana winter. It was a record-breaking winter for them. Lots of snow and very chilly.)

This photo was taken by the sister missionaries as they drove behind Elder Meehan and his companion, Elder G.

Yes, that's a BBQ on the missionary car. Elder Meehan and his companion decided to help prepare lunch for their Zone at Zone Conference (a leadership meeting for a specific area of missionaries). This is SO Elder Meehan. He loves to attached anything he can to the car. I'm surprised there isn't a table here, too.


Elder Meehan and Elder G--tracting (and feeling the humidity).

At a wedding reception for members in the congregation where he serves.

With a member of their congregation/ward--holding his medal of honor (war veteran).

PS: The big news for Elder Meehan this week is that a man he met in his first area is being baptized this week. And ... he asked that Elder Meehan baptize him! So, our son gets to travel back to his previous area for the services. It's going to be very special for him to see the people he knew so well in his first area, and to be part of this incredible day. We can't wait to hear about it.

PPS: Oh! And it's my birthday this weekend. Turning 44. Wow--that sounds kinda old? Actually, my BFF Janae has helped me find gratitude for every wrinkle, laugh line, and year I rack-up. Because of her friendship I really am happy for every day on Planet E.